Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did this project get started? 

A:  A few years ago, some children mentioned to their parents that when they transitioned from the primary to the junior side, there wasn’t much for them to do during recess and lunch beyond playing on the often muddy soccer field. They missed climbing on the existing structure and the monkey bars.  When those concerns were brought forward at an SAC meeting, the idea to help our bigger kids keep playing took root.

In the meantime,  the SAC funded the purchase of balls, skipping ropes and other games to help motivate kids to be active. The school fixed a basketball net, had lots of yard painting done  and came up with an administrative solution to give the older students time on the primary side play structure. Plus, the Play EH! Committee was formed with administration, staff and parent volunteers.

Q: How did this design come about?  

A: The committee engaged in extensive consultation with many stakeholders — staff, community neighbours, experts, and especially our students.  The collected feedback and wish list went to designers at the TDSB and voila: an accessible design that increases  places to sit and socialize, places to play, places to climb — and some elements can be incorporated into the Phys. Ed curriculum.

Q: Can we get astroturf like Earl Beatty did? 

A: Not with this budget. The Earl Beatty situation was different, but the price tag for astroturf comes in around $300,000.

Q: What about the track? Can we get a new one? 

A: A thorough revamp of the track is way beyond our current budget, and TDSB designers advised against developing that area in case there were ever a future expansion of the school to accommodate rising enrolment.

Q: Will the TDSB contribute any money? The Ontario government? 

A: 100% of funds must be raised — there are no TDSB or government funds earmarked for this project.

Q: Are we applying for grants? 

A: Yes, we will apply for any that we suit the criteria for. If you have suggestions for specific grants or wish to help on that subcommittee, please email

Q: What can I do?

A: Volunteer for this wonderful, important and exciting project in any number of ways!  The school community benefits so much when we all work together.

HELP at one of the planned fundraisers. Even an hour or two can lighten the load on other volunteers.

RUN one of the school-based events. Every event has several moving parts and we need overseers for them to function smoothly.

TALK it up! Tell your family, friends and neighbours. You never know who may choose to donate. And the electronic donation process makes it easy.

ASK your company or workplace for a financial contribution, or see if they have matching programs (they match all or some of every dollar you raise or contribute.)

HOST a fundraiser of your own — book sale, art auction, lemonade or cookie stand, dinner party, garage sale… they sky is the limit. Do something you love, and donate the proceeds.

Preliminary Playground Design Concept

Map of preliminary playground revitalization