School Advisory Council

Everyone is welcome to join the Earl Haig School Advisory Council and our monthly meetings. Meetings are once a month on alternating between Tuesday & Wednesday from 7pm – 8:30pm. Child care is provided.

2018-19 Council

  • Barb Bower
  • Shannon Butcher
Past Chair
  • Andrea Szego
  • JoAnne Gould
  • Nicole Lambe
  • Stephanie Little
Communications Team
  • Michelle Loney
  • Melinda McCaffrey
  • Karen Simpson
Ward Reps
  • Susanne Chung-Yee
  • Sarah Farrell
  • Andrew Simpson
Members at Large
  • Jen Barnes
  • Nupur Deonarine
  • Pilar Hernandez
  • Sally Jacquart
  • Khanh Le
  • Dmitri Melamed
  • Emma Rohmann
  • Christopher Vincente

Key Positions Defined:

  • Chair or Co-Chairs – Provide leadership and guidance to the Executive Committee and liaise with the Principal and Vice Principal on School Advisory Council related school matters. Responsibilities also include overseeing Council initiatives and providing guidance and support to sub-committees, chairing Council meetings (minimum of four per year) including leading the development of meeting agendas, and representing the School Advisory Council at various external TDSB
  • Past-Chair: Is the position held by the previous chair in order to facilitate a smooth transition and continuity within the Council.
  • Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the School Advisory Council financial records including issuing cheques, making bank deposits, preparing financial statements (including annual statement to TDSB) and bank account reconciliation. The Treasurer is a signatory on the bank account. The Treasurer also provides administrative support to Council fundraising endeavours. Key candidate requirements include comfort with and basic understanding of bookkeeping and accounting principles.
  • Secretary – The Secretary attends and takes minutes at each School Advisory Council meeting. The Secretary prepares these minutes for draft review before each subsequent meeting, and works with the Communications Coordinator to ensure their publication in approved form on the Council Blog/Facebook/website.
  • Communications Team – Manages website, e-blasts, social media and the Council email address.
  • Members-at-Large – Participates in Council work as needed, occasionally spearheading specific projects as determined by Council. The voice and vote of the parent community on motions presented at council.
  • Ward 16 Council Representative – Attends Ward 16 Trustee meetings and reports on learnings at Council meetings.


Don’t have time for an Executive role, but want to volunteer? In addition to these Executive Council roles, we are always in need of dedicated parent volunteers who can provide support in a variety of ways, including volunteers for the school’s snack/lunch program, bake sale volunteers, and much more! View those opportunities here!


For more information about school councils and the valuable role they play in the school community, please visit  Guide to School Councils. For more information about school councils in the TDSB, visit the TDSB’s School Councils page.