Special Extra Bonus Me to We Thank you Post


Dear Earl Haig Parents, staff, and students,

I am over the moon to forward you a message from Free the Children. With your help, the students have surpassed our fundraising goal that was set this year of $1,000.

We have donated $1500 this year!!!!! (editors note: we received an email update from Ms. Dew that the dance on June 24 raised an additional $300 bringing the total amount donated by Me to We this year to $1800! Congratulations Me to We group members and students!)

We couldn’t do it without you! Please read the message below about how our efforts have helped a student named Jorge in Nicaragua.


Courtenay Dew
Grade 1 Teacher @ Earl Haig P.S. (Me-To-We Club)

From: Lucy Fromyer
Sent: June 24, 2016 10:42 AM
To: Dew, Courtenay
Subject: Thank you!
Hi Courtenay,

I hope you’re having a good second-to-last week of school! We received your donation of $801 in support of Education in Nicaragua, thank you! Congrats on meeting – and then surpassing – your goal this year. In total, Earl Haig has donated $1,500 this year – amazing. Thank you to you, your students and your school community for your dedication to learning, educating others, and making a differenceJ Below I’ve included a story from a student in one of our partner communities in Nicaragua – his photo is attached!

I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to fill out Year in Review, especially despite the challenges! I enjoyed reading about students having a space to develop leadership skills within the club, as well as their successes with both local and global actions. Thanks for sharing.


Have a great weekend!

Jorge is 12 years old, and lives with his mother, father, two brothers, and sister in the community of El Trapiche. His father is unable to work due to a recent open heart surgery, and his mother, therefore, does the household and works in the field with his older brother. Both of his parents began working at a very young age, and did not continue their education past elementary school.

On a normal day, Jorge wakes up at 6:00 a.m. to go to school, before coming home to work and help with the household chores. Jorge began working for his family at the young age of six years old. For about two hours per day in the intense sun and dust, he helps to work on the land, take care of the animals, and harvest beans. It is necessary for Jorge to work, because he must help provide enough food for his family to survive.

Before Free The Children introduced the Education pillar, there was no school in Jorge’s community. The children were either taught their lessons outside of houses, or forced to travel to schools in different communities. With the introduction of the education project, Jorge is now able to attend a school in his own community and no longer has to travel outside of the community to receive an education. At school, Jorge receives lessons on reading, writing, and math, as well as lessons on good manners and cleanliness. He participates in several Free The Children activities, including a tree planting program. Jorge and his classmates have additionally received school supplies, provided by Free The Children, such as pens and crayons.

Jorge likes his new school, because it is beautiful and close by. He enjoys playing with his friends and learning from his teacher. Education is important to him because it means the ability to one day become whoever he wants to be. Once he finishes his primary education, Jorge hopes to continue on to high school and then university. His dream is to one day become an accountant and be able to financially support his family.


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School’s Out for Summer

(everyone over 40, please read the blog post title in your best Alice Cooper voice, under 40s, we can’t explain, it’s in our DNA)


All of us here on the Earl Haig School Council would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who took part in council activities throughout the year be it through donated time or donated dollars.  Thanks to your efforts and participation we were able to raise over $14,000 for future initiatives at Earl Haig.  Have a suggestion of how we should be spending these raised funds in 2016/17?  Got a great new idea to increase school spirit?  We would love your input!  Please consider joining us on the council next year.

School Council: Everyone is welcome to join the Earl Haig School Council. School Councils provide a place where parents can raise and solve school-wide issues and contribute as partners in their children’s education. Council meetings are open to the Earl Haig community. Meetings are once a month alternating between Tuesday & Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30pm. Free child care is provided.

There are a number of defined Executive Roles on the council which you can learn more about by visiting our blog at School Council.  Beyond the Executive Council Roles, we are always in need of Members-At-Large and dedicated parent volunteers who can provide support in a variety of ways, including snack/lunch program volunteers, technology committee volunteers, and much more!  Please think about your interests and time availability, and contact us at earlhaigschoolcouncil@gmail.com if you would like to discuss ways you can help. We have lots of ideas for ways parents can be involved at Earl Haig!

The first School Council Meeting of the 2016-2017 academic year will be held on Tuesday, September 27th from 7:00 – 8:30pm.

Me to We Dance: A fundraiser for the people of Fort McMurray  will be held Friday June 24 throughout the day – please send along a toonie with your student.


We wish everyone a great summer!!

Stay in touch – You can get all sorts of updates via our Twitter account @EarlHaigCouncil and Facebook page http://on.fb.me/20yB1TH




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The end is nigh (of the school year)

The end is nigh indeed for the 2015-16 school year, but we’re not done yet. Your School Council remains hard at work planning for the new year and tidying up unfinished business.


Parent Tech Subcommittee: The Earl Haig School Council is hoping to create a Technology Sub-Committee responsible for working with the administration and teacher representatives of Earl Haig to create a technology plan that supports the use of technology in an organic manner within the classroom.
Our digital learners need further access to all forms of technology in order to reinforce their learning as they become digitally literate.  How can our School Council support current efforts and access to TDSB technologies?
In collaboration with the teachers we would like to further enrich and support our children’s classroom experiences through well supplemented access to technology. What can we do as parents and caregivers to ensure access to technology for our children in order to prepare them for the future?

Proposal: We are looking for 5 – 6 parent volunteers who have a passion for technology and can commit to possibly meeting once a month or once every 6 weeks.
The committee would investigate the resources available within the TDSB and advocate to strengthen these resources to Earl Haig community and work with the Administration and a possible teacher representative to support the enhancement of technology in any way we can.   The purpose of the sub-committee would not be on fundraising – any fundraising initiatives would be handed over the fundraising committee of the School Council.
Parents interested in being a part of the committee, please email kathleenpeak@gmail.com.


Help bring American Sign Language Classes to Earl Haig! Free children’s ASL classes will now be available through the ILE (International Languages Elementary) Program. This September 2016, the Toronto District School Board will be the first to offer ASL ILE classes since the heritage language program began almost 40 years ago! All children ages 6-13, from any school board in Toronto will be welcome.
Children with no prior knowledge or experience of ASL, to children from families whose first language is ASL are welcome to participate. This may include CODA’s (Children of Deaf Adults) and SODA’s (Deaf Siblings) as well as children who are Deaf themselves. Children of all abilities are welcome, this includes both deaf and hearing, as well as native and non-native to ASL.
Please take a moment to print and complete  the following survey to gauge interest in ASL, and return to the office before June 24.
ASL is a visual language, that can have many applications. It’s fun to learn a new language!
Where the Wild Things Are in ASL

Coming Up: 
First council meeting of  2016-17   Tuesday September 27, 2016, 7:00 – 8:30

Stay in touch – You can get all sorts of updates via our Twitter account @EarlHaigCouncil and Facebook page http://on.fb.me/20yB1TH


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Calling all Chefs and Volunteers


The annual EARL HAIG STAFF APPRECIATION LUNCHEON is on June 16th. We still need potluck donations and volunteers for this event. Break out your favourite dish, or crack out your old waiting skills, and help us celebrate the fabulous Earl Haig Staff and all they do for our community. If you can volunteer or donate a potluck dish, please email earlhaigschoolcouncil@gmail.com  Luncheon items can be dropped off in the office on the day of. Be sure to label your containers with both the contents and your initials.

Speaker Dona Matthews, PhD, June 9 at 6:30: Whether you were someone who “just can’t do math” or a math superstar, come learn how to support a mindset that frees your child to approach math positively, enjoy it more and do better in math and related subjects.  Free!  Childcare is available. Thank you to the Ministry of Education for the Parents Reaching Out Grant.

Lost and Found: Please drop by the school or encourage your older student to really sort through the bins for those “missing” boots, hoodies, thermoses and other items which have left your home. Items will be bagged and donated before the school closes for the summer.

Spring Festival 2016: Another Wonderful Evening
What an Amazing Spring Festival!  What a night!  Ice cream, hotdogs and pulled pork, cotton candy and jars, retro games and crafts, cake walks and bake sales, samosas, chicken biryani, tattoos and face painting, of course the always entertaining highlight of the Talent Show!  Another fabulous evening at Earl Haig PS.
Thanks to everyone who helped pull another successful Spring Festival together, particularly the dynamic duo, Hilary Gray, the festival coordinator and Jenn Haines the crew chief for the BBQ pit.  As well Anne Marie and Christian at the Talent Show, and all of the volunteers who ran a table at the event.  And finally the teachers and staff who did so much, including running the sales, helping collect donations, and the custodial staff who helped with the set up and the clean up.
Thanks to all … it is a huge amount of work and it could only take place with the support of a huge amount of people.  As they say it takes a village to run a fun fair …
And thanks to the weather for holding off on rain.
While the final numbers aren’t in yet, it looks like we raised thousands of dollars, which will go a long way to fund school activities such as science in the school. We are looking forward to next year’s event. Save your jars and think about volunteering!

 Dates to Remember:

Friday, June 10th – PA Day
Tuesday, June 14 5:00-6:00PM – FDK (Full Day Kindergarten) Orientation Night
Wednesday, June 15 The final School Council Meeting of the year will be held at 7:00PM.  We hope to see you there!
Thursday, June 16 – Playday
Wednesday, June 29 – Last Day of School (Can you believe it?)

Stay in touch – You can get all sorts of updates via our Twitter account @EarlHaigCouncil and Facebook page http://on.fb.me/20yB1TH



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Cake Walk, it’s a piece of cake.

You know that American donut chain slogan “American runs on Dunkin'”? , the Earl Haig Spring Festival runs on people power*. And baking. And hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy. And jars. And creativity. But lots of baking.

There are two events in the Festival which cannot run without your flour and egg energy, the Bake Sale and the Cake Walk.  The Cake Walk is a lot like Musical Chairs, but when the music stops instead of ending up in the last chair you end up with a fun cake to take home.You don’t need to be a beautiful Cake Boss baker to contribute. We need all cakes, those with sprinkles, those with smarties, those with gummies or just plain icing.

For the bake sale think of easy to eat in your hand items – cookies, cupcakes, brownies, lemon squares, date squares, macaroons, macarons for the fancy baker. We’re a school that contributed 1000 cupcakes in February for the Valentine’s Bake Sale. Can you really ever have too many cupcakes?

All baked items need to be nut free, and can be dropped off in the Office on the day of the Spring Festival. Which is this Thursday June 2 from 3:30 – 7:00!! See you all there!

*People power cannot be adequately described or appreciated. Thank you to all the volunteers involved in the Spring Festival, whether you have been meeting since February to plan, donate an hour of your time to staff a booth or table, accept bbq and freezie duty, turn on your oven in this heat to bake, or otherwise donate any of the items the Festival relies on each year as the primary fundraiser for the School Council. Thank you thank you thank you.
Cake Walk jpg


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Grab your calendars – June is a busy month!

The school year might be wrapping up but there is still a lot to get done this month.

cambie crop2

Spring Festival Thursday June 2 3:30 – 7:00.  Favourite returning events include the Festival Stage, The ever popular JARS, Bag-a-Bottle, Bake Sale & Cake Walk, Plant-a-Flower, Face Painting & Nail Polish, Arts & Crafts, Button Making, Retro Games
Popcorn & Cotton Candy. The festival can’t run without volunteers, if you can donate an hour of  your time please click here to sign up.

Speaker for Parents:  On Thursday, June 9 we are excited to announce Dona Matthews, author of Beyond Intelligence and Being Smart about Gifted Intelligence will be at the school on to discuss “Growth mindset, ways parents can support a growth mindset in their kids, helping them approach math more positively, enjoy it more and do it better; blowing up myths that some kids are just good at math, and some just aren’t”.  Thanks to the Ministry of Education’s Parents Reaching Out grant for enabling the School Council t0 arrange this evening.  For more information on Dona Matthews check out her website.  The talk will be in the evening (time still to be determined.)  Free childcare will be provided.

Bike to School Week (May 30 –  June 1)   Ms. Dew and Mr. Bush have organized this healthy event to celebrate cycling and active transportation.  Please check your child’s backpack for a handout with details about our school event.  To learn more about the initiative around the GTA visit: biketoschoolweek.ca

Grades will be participating at various times throughout the three days:

Kindergarten – Monday, May 30th 9:00-11:30 am
Grade 1 – Tuesday, May 31st 9:00-10:10 am
Grade 2 – Tuesday, May 31st 10:25-11:40 am
Grade 3 – Tuesday, May 31st 12:40-2:00 pm
Grade 4 – Tuesday, May 31st 2:10-3:10 pm
Grade 5 – Wednesday, June 1st 9:00-10:10 am
Grade 6 – Wednesday, June 1st 10:25-11:40 am

Volunteers are needed, please email courtenay.dew@tdsb.ca  Helmets are mandatory and keep your hands on your handlebars!


The Bottle Drive scheduled for May 28 has been postponed until the 2016-17 academic year. Seems a national cancer support agency has the same idea we did about collecting empties after the May long weekend and will be holding their bottle drive that weekend,  as they have for the past 10 years. Thank you to those who had volunteered to staff the table or had been saving their empties.

Also ahead in June:
FDK Open House – June 14
Staff appreciation luncheon, June 16, potluck donations and volunteer servers sought, email earlhaigschoolcouncil@gmail.com
Grade 8 graduation – June 27

Next School Council meeting: June 15 (last meeting of the year!)

Stay in touch – You can get all sorts of updates via our Twitter account @EarlHaigCouncil and Facebook page http://on.fb.me/20yB1TH

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Jars – A Primer


The Earl Haig Spring Festival will be held on Thursday June 2 from 3:30 – 7:00 in the schoolyard. Volunteers are needed to run various events, such as staffing the barbecue, selling food, set up and take down, and running the games and tables. We also need bakers for the Cake Walk and bake sale. To volunteer for any role at the Festival, sign up here.

car jar

Jars are a favourite of the festival, and one event which depends on the contributions of all Earl Haig families. We have over 450 students at Earl Haig – that’s a lot of jars!  We rely on jar donations from everyone to ensure no child leaves the jar line disappointed!

If you are new to the Festival, we are here to explain the Jars phenomenon.

  1. Find an empty clean jar. (Empty jars (with lids) can be donated to, or picked up for filling from, the Office.)
  2. Fill the jar with fun items.
  3. Bring the jar to the school office prior to the Spring Festival (by June 1st).
  4. The Festival Elves will number every single jar, and remove the jars which are not safe (broken items, old playdough).
  5. On the day of the Festival buy tickets for the activities, stand in the Jars line**, when it is your turn hand in ONE ticket and you will pick a number. The jar with the corresponding number will be located by the volunteers and given to you.
  6. Voila! Jars.

** Jars have THREE release times, 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. JARS timeline

Ideas for jars: wrapped candies, crayons, lip balm, hair chalk, sidewalk chalk, small plastic toys, coins, new in the container playdough, seed packets, beads, magnetic letters, post it notes, unfrozen freezies, craft supplies, toy cars, small rubber balls, band aids, erasers…anything child friendly that will fit in a jar.

Bad jar: Clothes pins and string in water.  Oh Pinterest, what have you wrought?
bad jars

Salad in a jar is a lunchtime mainstay of many, but not a good donation to the Festival.

Confusing Jar: So. Many. Questions.
bologna jar

For the adults we have Bag a Bottle. Please donate a Gift Bag with adult oriented bottles. Examples include olive oil, hand lotion, bath soaps, wine, dish soap. The premise is the exact same, buy a ticket and discover what is in your bag.

We thank you for your donated jars and look forward to seeing you on June 2!

Screen shot 2016-05-16 at 11.34.17 AM

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