There’s a lot going on in the next few months.  Here are a couple of big items and an important save the date!

Announcing  The Butterfly Project
This great initiative, spearheaded by Ms. Sanderson, will see the all the children paint wooden butterflies which will then be permanently fixed to the fences surrounding the entire Earl Haig property. On May 2nd, families are invited to help prime/prepare wooden butterflies for painting.  There are approximately 650 butterflies that need to be prepared for ‘flight’ so the more hands the merrier.
Setup:  8am
Painting:  9 am – 12pm
Location:  The Gym
Supplies We Need (donations are being accepted now):
Clean, small containers to hold paint (yogurt containers are great)
1 to 1 1/2 inch paint brushes & small paint rollers.
Large Rubbermaid bins or plastic laundry baskets (please label the bins and we will return them)
We will be also be “selling” butterflies at the Festival for $5. A family can paint a butterfly and the money will go to the milkweed garden that we want to build.

There are a couple of nice photos of the Grade 4s at the McMichael Gallery on our Facebook page.  Thanks to our photographers in the field.
Check it out here:

Recycle those old games
If you’re cleaning up your closets, basement, kids rooms, we are still collecting board games for those days that the weather is too bad to go outdoors.  Age appropriate games with all their pieces would be appreciated by everyone.

Earth Day – April 22nd
Our whole school will take part in a school and community cleanup on Earth Day.
We will have gloves available for any parents that would like to join us.
Students are encouraged to dress in Earth tones/theme attire.

Spring Concert – April 23 – (seats go fast, so get there early)
6:30pm – the school gymnasium
Students from Rooms 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25/26 and 28
Earl Haig Singers
Glee Club
The School Band and the Strings

EQAO – May 25 – 29th
EQAO assessments are done in Grades 3 and Grades 6.  There are often a lot of questions from both yourselves and you children so take a look at following:

Track Season has started
Here are the upcoming meets:
May 7th – Grades 7 & 8 @ Birchmount Stadium Time TBD
May 12th – Grades 2-6 @ Birchmount Stadium Time TBD
June 2 – South Conference finals @ Birchmount Stadium
June 9 – TDESAA City Championships (Gr. 4-8) Birchmount Stadium

The Community Festival is on the horizon.  Thursday, June 4th, 3:30 – 6:30pm
More info to follow, but volunteers are always needed and appreciated.

Other Events
April 15th – Prologue performing Aché Brazil  for Grades 1-8
April 30th – Breadbox Theatre performing for Kindergarten
May 7th – Shoreline Clean UP – 5 classes are going down to Ashbridges Bay to clean up the area.

School Council Update
Next meeting is April 21st.  Please check out our minutes online.



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