Dear Earl Haig Parents, staff, and students,

I am over the moon to forward you a message from Free the Children. With your help, the students have surpassed our fundraising goal that was set this year of $1,000.

We have donated $1500 this year!!!!! (editors note: we received an email update from Ms. Dew that the dance on June 24 raised an additional $300 bringing the total amount donated by Me to We this year to $1800! Congratulations Me to We group members and students!)

We couldn’t do it without you! Please read the message below about how our efforts have helped a student named Jorge in Nicaragua.


Courtenay Dew
Grade 1 Teacher @ Earl Haig P.S. (Me-To-We Club)

From: Lucy Fromyer
Sent: June 24, 2016 10:42 AM
To: Dew, Courtenay
Subject: Thank you!
Hi Courtenay,

I hope you’re having a good second-to-last week of school! We received your donation of $801 in support of Education in Nicaragua, thank you! Congrats on meeting – and then surpassing – your goal this year. In total, Earl Haig has donated $1,500 this year – amazing. Thank you to you, your students and your school community for your dedication to learning, educating others, and making a differenceJ Below I’ve included a story from a student in one of our partner communities in Nicaragua – his photo is attached!

I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to fill out Year in Review, especially despite the challenges! I enjoyed reading about students having a space to develop leadership skills within the club, as well as their successes with both local and global actions. Thanks for sharing.


Have a great weekend!

Jorge is 12 years old, and lives with his mother, father, two brothers, and sister in the community of El Trapiche. His father is unable to work due to a recent open heart surgery, and his mother, therefore, does the household and works in the field with his older brother. Both of his parents began working at a very young age, and did not continue their education past elementary school.

On a normal day, Jorge wakes up at 6:00 a.m. to go to school, before coming home to work and help with the household chores. Jorge began working for his family at the young age of six years old. For about two hours per day in the intense sun and dust, he helps to work on the land, take care of the animals, and harvest beans. It is necessary for Jorge to work, because he must help provide enough food for his family to survive.

Before Free The Children introduced the Education pillar, there was no school in Jorge’s community. The children were either taught their lessons outside of houses, or forced to travel to schools in different communities. With the introduction of the education project, Jorge is now able to attend a school in his own community and no longer has to travel outside of the community to receive an education. At school, Jorge receives lessons on reading, writing, and math, as well as lessons on good manners and cleanliness. He participates in several Free The Children activities, including a tree planting program. Jorge and his classmates have additionally received school supplies, provided by Free The Children, such as pens and crayons.

Jorge likes his new school, because it is beautiful and close by. He enjoys playing with his friends and learning from his teacher. Education is important to him because it means the ability to one day become whoever he wants to be. Once he finishes his primary education, Jorge hopes to continue on to high school and then university. His dream is to one day become an accountant and be able to financially support his family.


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