Cuts hurt kids

We need to work together for a quality public education for ALL.

Our education system is currently underfunded. Educators and parents are looking for smaller class sizes, increased support for students with special needs, repairs made to our schools, and inclusive curriculum.

Analysts are predicting approximately 250 million in cuts per year over four years, to a total of 1 billion dollars cut. This means 10,000 fewer teachers and other educators working with students across the province.

Actions you can take

1. Email Earl Haig PS teacher Heather Aspinwall and she will keep you up-to-date with information and upcoming actions.

2. Wear Red For Ed every Friday – support education workers and show solidarity by dressing in red.

3. Join the East End Parents 4 Education’s kick-off meeting on April 24th at 7pm at The Workaround.