Q: What is a sea monsters favorite snack?
A: Ships and dip

Ba Dum Tsh

Speaking of snacks… can we talk about our snack program for a minute? This year, our nutrition program did an incredible pivot in order to keep providing nutrition for our students. Our program has always relied on funding from both grants and family donations, and now that the tweaked program is in full swing we could use a little help from our school community. If you are financially able to, please consider a monetary contribution to help us continue to run the snack program. The suggested donation is $1/day or $20/month, but as always, any amount is appreciated. Regardless of family donations, all children will continue to be offered a morning snack.

Payment (monthly or yearly) can be made online or by cheque to the Toronto Foundation for Student Success at the addresses listed below. The school office and classrooms can’t accept payments for this program. Tax receipts will be issued for any donation over $10.00.

To contribute to our nutrition program, you can donate online (choose 4 – Student Nutrition Programs under the Fund option and enter Earl Haig Public School in the message box) or by cheque. Cheque donations can be sent directly to the foundation. If you’re mailing in the donation, please complete the nutrition program donation form for 2020-2021 and send it to:

Toronto Foundation for Student Success
Attn: Finance Dept.
2 Trethewey Drive
3rd floor Annex
Toronto, ON
M6M 4A8

Our nutrition program is a success thanks to your generous support. We welcome your comments and suggestions by email to the nutrition program committee.

Thank you for your help!