Trustee news


Interested in hearing more from our school board Trustee Sheila Cary-Meagher? You can now sign up for her newsletters here. Sheila is co-hosting a forum on Equity at Danforth CTI Tuesday May 9th – see below for more details and register here.


Clean out your closets for Diabetes Canada!

Diabetes Canada

Need to make some space in your closets? Feel good about a little spring cleaning by supporting Earl Haig’s and Diabetes Canada and donate your used clothes to their “In the Bag” program. A collection bin will be outside the school April 18-21st.

Parent interest survey for a new event idea

Our yearly pumpkin patch is both a wonderful fundraiser and community event for our school where families can purchase a pumpkin for Halloween while enjoying freshly baked goods donated by our parent community.

We think a similar event for Holiday Trees would be a lot of fun too! Give us your input by taking this short survey