Please see below for an important message from Ms. Ellis regarding the Kindergarten Extension and the roof construction that is slated to begin this week.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

RE: Roofing Project Advisement

The roof on our new kindergarten addition is ready to be added. Construction is scheduled to begin mid-week of the 17th of June and be completed the end of the same week, weather permitting.

The roofing project needs to be undertaken during daylight hours in relatively good weather in order to ensure both worker safety and proper roof application.

As noted above, commencement of work may be impacted by weather conditions. Once the project commences, every daylight work hour will be utilized until the completion of the project.

The roofing process may produce uncomfortable asphalt odours, which may enter the building. Wind direction, humidity, shape and setting of the school create difficulties in predicting the extent of fume penetration into the building.

If your child is known to be allergic, asthmatic or sensitive to asphalt fumes, please notify your school Principal.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact the school.

Thank you,


Ms. Ellis

Olga Ellis


Earl Haig Public School

15 Earl Haig Avenue

Toronto, M4C 1E2

Tel: (416)393-1640


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