School spring festival help needed – we need JARS!

A long time festival favourite with Earl Haig students is back this year, the JARS! If you are new to the Festival, we are here to explain the Jars phenomenon.Jars-SpringFestival

  • Find an empty clean jar. (Empty jars (with lids) can be donated to, or picked up for filling from, the Office.)
  • Fill the jar with fun, new or like-new kid friendly items. (*see below for some ideas!)
  • Bring the jar to the school office prior to the Spring Festival (from now until May 30)
  • The Festival Elves will number every single jar!
  • On the day of the Festival buy tickets for the activities, stand in the Jars line**, when it is your turn hand in ONE ticket and you will pick a number. The jar with the corresponding number will be located by the volunteers and given to you.

* Ideas for jars: wrapped candies, crayons, lip balm, marbles, sidewalk chalk, small plastic toys, new in the container playdough, seed packets, beads, magnetic letters, post it notes, unfrozen freezies, craft supplies, toy cars, small rubber balls, band aids, erasers…anything child friendly that will fit in a jar.

** Jars have THREE release times, 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.

Many students look forward to getting their festival jar all year long.  This is one festival fixture which depends on the contributions of ALL Earl Haig families. We have over 450 students at Earl Haig – that’s a lot of jars!  We rely on jar donations from everyone to ensure no child leaves the jar line disappointed!   We welcome separate donations of empty jars and kid friendly surprises.  Our volunteers will match up these donations prior to the festival to make sure the jar demand is met and then some!

Event reminder: “Helping Your Child Cope with Stress and Anxiety”

Just a reminder that Earl Haig School Council’s event: “Helping Your Child Cope with Stress and Anxiety” is taking place tomorrow night at 7:00PM in the Music Room. Join us to hear Child and Youth Counsellor and mental health advocate Jennifer Kay deliver a talk on childhood anxiety. Childcare is provided.