The Dance-a-thon was an amazing success!  With our students’ fancy footwork and the support of your family and friends we raised $14,000 for TechEH!!!!  

We want you all to know that 30 Chromebooks have already been purchased and are in use in the school because of your fundraising!  We will be sure to let you know when the next round of devices are purchased as we strive to properly outfit our school with technology to assist with classroom learning.  

Now for the winner of the pizza lunch:  Congratulations to Mr. Tamkei’s class for raising the most money per student for the Dance-athon — second year in a row!  Mr Cepin’s class were also fantastic fundraisers so they will get to celebrate with a licorice candy party!

We had a great team of amazing volunteers who helped make this event a success: Shannon (our fabulous DJ), Tuyen, Polly, Joel (who provided all of the amazing lights + sound equipment), Susan, Andrea, Michelle, Erica, Jeff, Helen, Brooke, Sally, Emma, and Erin. Thank you all for your help — we could not have done this without you!