Please welcome the 2020-21 executive team for your Earl Haig School Advisory Council!

Chair: Polly Vandenberg

Past Chair: Shannon Butcher

Co-Treasurer: Nicole Lambe + Stephanie Little

Co-Secretary: Cleo Buster + Jen Wilkinson

Advocacy Co-Leads: Nupur Deonarine + Dara Rawlins

Ward Council Reps: Nupur Deonarine + Rosalyn Wise

Nutrition Committee: Pilar Hernandez + Claire Sibonney

Communications Committee: Madelaine Hamilton, Michelle Loney, Kate Raven, Karen Simpson

Fundraising Committee: Josh Grossman + Nicole Lambe

Grade Reps:

  • Kindergarten – Michael Duffy
  • Primary – Kristen Currie
  • Junior – TBD
  • Intermediate – Lorraine Godwin
  • French Rep – Sherry Lin
  • Virtual Rep – Jennifer Barnes


  • Amanda Cormier
  • Tanya Mustachi

Elections may be over, but there are still ways to participate in our School Advocacy Council. We are still on the lookout for someone to fill our Junior Grade Rep position (minimal time commitment) to help ensure we are communicating with and hearing from parents/caregivers for all of our students. If you’re interested in this role, please email us. We will also be reaching out to our community throughout the school year for help as we strive to ensure all of our students have a safe and fulfilling year.

Next meeting

We hope you’ll join us at our next SAC meeting on Zoom (Tuesday, October 20th at 7:00pm). We had a record-breaking turnout for our September meeting and we had some great discussions on how to support our school community in the year ahead. All parents/caregivers are welcome to join the call and you absolutely don’t need to be part of the executive. Hope to see you in the Zoom grid next week!

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